Sticking it to hoons

THE City of Gosnells has launched a campaign to stop hooning and road deaths in the area.

The City is asking residents to put an ‘I slow down in Gosnells’ sticker on their cars to encourage drivers to slow down as they pass through the area.

City of Gosnells Mayor Dave Griffiths said the City wanted to encourage drivers to think about other road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

�Between 2003 and 2012, vulnerable road users made up around 43 per cent of those killed or seriously injured on local

roads in the City of Gosnells,� Mr Griffiths said.

�All the data shows that speed is a major contributing factor in road accidents.

�If drivers can reduce their speed by just 5 to 10km/h we can provide a safer environment for everyone.�

The sticker campaign is an initiative of the WA Local Government Association

(WALGA) RoadWise Advisory Committee and focuses on making people more aware of the consequences of speeding.

The City of Gosnells has recently installed speed cushions in some locations to stop hooning.

Mr Griffiths said it was about making small changes to people’s behaviour

when they were behind the wheel.

�The important message for motorists is to think about their actions when they get behind the steering wheel of a car,� he said.

The stickers will be added to some of the City�s vehicles.

They are also available for collection for free from the City’s civic centre and libraries.