Sweep stakes high for crime fight

Operation Sweep was launched by WA Police in July following an unseasonal rise in crime.

At the time, Deputy Commissioner Stephen Brown said crime in the metropolitan area was up 19.6 per cent across a range of categories compared to July 2014.

Ms Harvey said nearly 7000 people had been charged since the operation was put into place.

�We had resources to pull 1000 police officers out of operational areas into a special operation targeting crime hot spots and volume crime in the four districts in metro and they have had outstanding results,� she said.

Labor�s police spokeswoman Michelle Roberts labelled the operation a cheap stunt.

�Liza Harvey�s latest stunt is the so-called �Operation Sweep�, which doesn�t have one cent of additional resources for our police,� she said.

Ms Roberts said domestic assaults increased by a staggering 38 per cent in August, with home burglaries up 21 per cent, motor vehicle theft up 19 per cent and non-dwelling burglaries up 26 per cent.

�Tough talk is useless if you can�t catch the crims in the first place,� she said.

Ms Harvey also responded to the WA Police Union�s concerns about the number of detective vacancies, after 50 jobs for police detectives were advertised.

The union feared the positions may not be filled for several months.

President George Tilbury said the WAPU had brought this issue to the attention of WA Police on several occasions over the last year. Ms Harvey said it was not a funding problem and the issue was not a crisis.