Take the right step

IN response to the editorial in the April 19 edition headlined “Sugary drink tax may leave a bitter taste”, I am a firm believer in the mantra of everything in moderation.

But when we have little to no control or knowledge of what is going into our food and drink, it is likely quite difficult to make that judgment.

In the case of sugar intake via the consumption of sugary drinks, the moderation argument is futile because most of the time that is not how we are consuming them.

The reality is that purchasing a 600ml bottle of soft drink, which already has more than twice the daily intake of sugar in it and has just been made more expensive, is probably going to become a less favourable decision.

There is no doubt that implementing this tax will definitely not solve our obesity epidemic.

People make their own decisions about what they put into their bodies based on the options they are presented with, and this change may be seen as too small to make a difference.

Nevertheless, in terms of the scope of this epidemic, any small change is a change that we just cannot afford to ignore. It is a step in the right direction to making the healthy choice, the easy choice.


Curtin University

(BSc Nutrition and Health

Promotion), Gosnells.