Thornlie: anger mounting over ditched trolleys

Thornlie: anger mounting over ditched trolleys

A THORNLIE resident has detailed his concerns about rogue shopping trolleys in Gosnells.

Gosnells Mayor Olwen Searle said in council that it was a major issue in Gosnells as well as the wider metro area.

Thornlie resident Gordon Martin asked the Gosnells council at the November 8 ordinary council meeting what the current position on the by-law on shopping trolleys and why it is not being implemented. He said that there were times that he could count more than 10 trolleys on Glyndebourne Avenue in Thornlie and regularly saw them on the Spencer road area.

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City of Gosnells director of governance Grant Bradbrook said the City was required to |notify retailers of an abandoned trolley and give them with 24 hours to collect it.

He said members of the public could report abandoned trolleys to Trolley Tracker or Trolley Collect.

According to the City of Gosnells Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Laws, the city can advise the retailer of the location to remove it within 24 hours and if it is not removed the trolley can be impounded. Failure to remove shopping trolley can result in a $150 fine.