Thousands of dollars in construction materials stolen from Byford motorcycle club

Secretary Mel Rea with members of the Lightweight Motorcycle Club in Byford.
Secretary Mel Rea with members of the Lightweight Motorcycle Club in Byford.

MOTORCYCLING WA believes the theft of construction materials meant for Byford’s Lightweight Motorcycle Club’s new staging shed will have the biggest impact on the club’s children.

The $17,000 in shed materials, purchased with Federal grant money, were stolen from the club’s home on the South Western Highway nearly three weeks ago.

Motorcycling WA chief executive Rick Gill said the children were the real victims.

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“The whole community expectation is kids get out and be active and riding motocross is probably the most active thing a kid can do,” he said. “We’re talking about kids who are four years of age and spend a lot of time waiting for their race.

“You know what the weather is like down this neck of the woods; it’s either pouring rain or scorching sun and neither are any good.

“If we can keep the kids dry and warm, that’s a big help for their safety as much as for their comfort.”

Mr Gill said his first reaction was of “utter disbelief” and believed the theft was planned, given the materials had only been on the premises for just over 12 hours.

“It’s not like it’s something easily transportable that you can just slip into your pocket, it weighs a couple of tonnes,” Mr Gill said.

“To me, it just seems like it wasn’t an opportunity type of theft, it was something that was planned.”

Lightweight Motorcycle Club secretary Mel Rea said the club was currently in talks with the Federal Government, as they are required to build the shed or repay the funds by April 30.

“We’ve had to provide proof we paid for it, that we reported it and done all that we can there,” she said. “Our insurance won’t cover it because it wasn’t constructed.”

Motorcycling Western Australia and the Lightweight Motorcycle Club have asked community members to watch for shed materials on local buy, sell and swap websites.

The materials for the green, 9mx20 metre shed were delivered to the club at 4.30pm on Friday, March 24.

When members arrived at the club at 7am on Saturday, March 25, most of the materials were gone.

The club has set up a Go Fund Me page to recoup some of the money lost, which can be found at