Train station parking a pain

Mrs McCulloch underwent a triple fusion in her right foot four years ago.

She has since found it difficult and painful to walk and has an Acrod permit to make life easier.

But each week when she drives her car to Armadale train station so she can catch the train into the city for medical appointments, it turns into a battle.

�It�s not that there�s a lack of Acrod parking bays � there�s plenty of them � it�s just where they are,� she said.

Mrs McCulloch said the bays closest to the station platform were always taken.

She has to instead park in the Acrod bays in the far corners of the car park and make her way to the station with the aid of her walking stick.

�By the time I get to the platform I usually miss the train,� she said.

�But it�s going back to my car after walking around all day that�s the issue � it can be a nightmare.�

Mrs McCulloch said she would like the Acrod parking bays to be closer to the platform.

Public Transport Authority spokesman David Hynes said the ratio of Acrod bays in car parks around the country was determined in the Building Code of Australia.

�In the case of Transperth car parks, we are required to have one Acrod bay per 100 bays,� he said.

�There are 254 bays at Armadale Station. Five of them are Acrod bays.�

Mr Hynes said there were two Acrod bays on the Green Avenue side of the station and three on the Commerce Avenue side so passengers approaching from either side could find a suitable bay.

�The bays on the Commerce Avenue side are divided into three areas. One is located at the north-eastern corner of the main car park, near the main station entrance,� he said.

�Another is located as close as possible to the southern platform entrance.

�A third is located in the northern car park, close to the station entrance.

�These bays have been located near the main entrance specifically for passengers wishing to access the SmartRider machines and speak to customer service staff.�

Mr Hynes said there were no plans to move the bays.