Truck rollovers rife

Main Roads WA figures obtained by the Comment News showed from January 2009 until December 2013, 14 of the 21 crashes across south-east local governments happened in two councils.

The City of Armadale and Shire of Kalamunda each had seven.

‘Obviously the curves and gradients of the roads through the Darling Range demand greater care and concentration by drivers,’ Armadale Mayor Henry Zelones said.

‘Our long-term vision is of a road transport system in which no- one is killed or seriously injured.

‘To achieve this vision requires shared responsibility where we all have a role to play in working towards a safe system.

‘The City promotes road safety awareness through its RoadWise White Ribbons for Road Safety campaign each year.

‘All road users are responsible for driving safely and in accordance with the speed limits and road conditions, especially in unfamiliar Hills areas with necessarily winding roads.’

Of the other seven rollovers recorded, three were in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, two were in the City of South Perth, one in the City of Gosnells and one in the City of Belmont.

Canning and Victoria Park councils were crash-free.