University in Labor’s plans

He said the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle could be a model.

Outside the meeting, he explained a university in the Armadale region would give students a choice and attract an economic and cultural ‘buzz.’

‘The economic multiplier effect will be significant as well as the resulting social and cultural benefits,’ Dr Buti said.

The Labor politician also wants to see a government department relocate from the city to the Armadale region.

‘At the moment we are the poor cousins when it comes to government employment,’ Dr Buti said. ‘I understand Armadale was about to have a government office building approved by cabinet when the 2008 election was called early.

‘The change of government was the kiss of death to this project that was to be built next to the Armadale Railway Station.’

Dr Buti added that decentralising government employment had a strong economic multiplier effect.

‘Let us get at least one major government department located in Armadale not just a couple of small branch officers already operating in the area,’ Dr Buti said.

‘There is nothing to stop the relocation of government employment other than the will to do so. Government investment in Armadale will have a spin-off to the private sector and also give the private sector confidence in Armadale.’