Up a tree – and loving it

Kendall Moor
Kendall Moor

Mr Moor is a professional tree worker who specialises in ‘large removals’ as he calls them, regularly working in challenging situations by himself or as part of a team.

In fact, he talked to Comment News while hanging in a harness from a tree in Maddington last Monday.

‘A limb has failed that’s about 18-inches and has taken out a few fences,’ he said.

‘The butt end is still stuck in the tree.

‘I tried out a heap of different careers, I studied biotechnology, vet, geoscience and horticulture and when I was working in a park I said I could do the work they needed done as I knew what to do with ropes.’

Mr Moor is one of at least 20 tree climbers expected to test their climbing skills in the teetering tops of trees reaching up to 35m in Araluen next month.

He is also vice-president of Tree Climbing WA.

The statewide competition will attract competitors from Melbourne and Queensland, said Mr Moor, who will use the competition to prepare for the national tree climbing championships in Melbourne.

The event at Araluen Botanic Park will be held on April 6 and 7 with climbers competing in five events to test their speed, technical skills, planning and safety.