Vision for Armadale

The city recently adopted its Economic Development Strategy to tackle the economic challenges of the next five years.

The report shows that while population growth is a rapid 4.4 per cent, many people are actually working outside of Armadale and large tracts of land for industrial growth need to be promoted to help create local jobs.

Public transport limitations must also be addressed, along with a shortage of office space and short-stay and tourist accommodation.

Jull Street Mall improvements and tertiary education will also be considered.

The City hopes to promote its strong culture of community to prospective investors and residents and capitalise on its designated role as a Strategic Metropolitan Centre.

‘There is a long-standing perception, particularly among the population of the greater Perth metropolitan region, that Armadale is an uninviting area blighted by crime and other social issues,’ the report said.

‘However, this perception is far from the truth and there is a role for council to play in countering negative perceptions in a strategic and concerted fashion.’

The Economic Development Action Plan aims to boost new and existing business, build a skilled, mobile and diverse workforce and market the region effectively.

Solutions to industry development and infrastructure needs will also be sought.