Volunteers work to conserve and rehabilitate Forrestdale Lake

Volunteers are needed to help conserve and rehabilitate the Forrestdale Lake Nature Reserve.
Volunteers are needed to help conserve and rehabilitate the Forrestdale Lake Nature Reserve.

DISEASE, introduced species and humans are all having an impact on the health of Forrestdale Lake Nature Reserve.

But all is not lost for the Ramsar Wetland of International Importance, with Perth NRM busy undertaking conservation and rehabilitation work in the area as part of their Living Wetlands program.

With the help of local volunteers, Perth NRM is working to improve water quality, manage weeds and control vehicular and animal access, all in a bid to better the lake’s condition.

Volunteers from Conservation Volunteers Australia and Friends of Forrestdale joined Brian Ingliss from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions at a recent conservation session at Forrestdale Lake.

Perth NRM environment program manager Luke McMillan said Forrestdale Lake was one of the most important conservation areas in Australia’s southwest.

“This species-rich sanctuary encompass a remarkable variety of plants and wildlife, some of which have been found nowhere else, and in order to retain the diversity of these extraordinary bushland and wetland areas it is critical that they remain intact, are not fragmented, and are managed correctly,” he said.

“Issues include loss of habitat, threats by foxes, dogs and cats to birds, bandicoots and other animals that inhabit the reserve, access by horses and stock, water pollution and invasion of introduced weed species, but the prevailing threat to Forrestdale Lake is the reduced inflow of surface and ground water resulting in lower peak water levels and frequent drying.

“Our vision is to improve the ecological health and character of the lake to provide an intact and protected habitat for migratory birds and other local wildlife, to enhance the condition and resilience of the ecological communities in the neighbouring nature reserve and to increase the awareness and involvement of the local community.”

The organisation is calling on more volunteers to help protect the important area through work such as fence maintenance, weed surveys and eradication, bush regeneration, bird surveys and picking up rubbish.

Call 9397 0276 or visit www.sercul.org.au/calendar-of-events for more information on upcoming volunteer events.

Locals interested in the continual management of the area are invited to join the Friends of Forrestdale.


How you can help protect Forrestdale Lake

-Do not bring dogs, cats, horses or vehicles into the reserve and report unauthorised access by vehicles and stock where possible.

-Keep on the paths and do not feed the wildlife.

-Do not disturb nesting sites.

-Pick up rubbish to prevent wildlife being harmed.

-Join in with tree planting and weeding and other conservation activities.

-Become a member of the Friends of Forrestdale.

-Work to ensure your household’s use of chemicals and gardening practices do not cause water pollution.