WA Rocks craze helping Gosnells people relieve stress, anxiety

Emma Cottrell with some of her decorated rocks. Picture: Jon Hewson.
Emma Cottrell with some of her decorated rocks. Picture: Jon Hewson.

THERE is a new craze sweeping through Gosnells – and it quite literally rocks.

Rock hiding, which involves people scattering decorated rocks throughout the Perth area, has become popular thanks to several Facebook groups.

People post the locations of their hidden rocks and encourage others to search for them in groups like SOR Rocks WA and NOR Rocks WA, which have just under 13,000 members combined.

Artists decorate rocks with anything that takes their fancy – be it fantasy elements, cartoons, motivational sayings and even movie characters.

Emma Cottrell is just one of many who has taken to rock hiding like a fish to water and she said it relieved stress and others found it helped them cope with anxiety and behavioural issues.

“It’s like the adult colouring-in books, but it transforms into the rock art side of it and in terms of getting out and hiding them, I’ve spoke to quite a few who it’s helped with social phobias, anxiety and depression,” she said.

“Anything creative is a good stress relief, it’s good to switch off from the chaotic things in life.

Mrs Cottrell said rock hiding helped get kids out of the house, but it also encouraged creativity.

“It’s a good chance to get away from it all and get the kids away from play station and phones,” she said.

“My six-year-old loves not only hiding them, but also finding them.

“It encourages sharing, she doesn’t get upset if she doesn’t find them because people are finding hers.”