Warning issued after invasive aquatic weed found in Harrisdale

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A WARNING has been issued after an invasive species of weed was spotted in Harrisdale recently.

The City of Armadale is asking for residents to help manage the spread of Amazon Frogbit after it was spotted in the Balannup Drain.

The weed can affect the biodiversity of local waterways, with each plant able to produce multiple seed pods, each with up to 30 seeds that are viable for as many as three years.

Amazon Frogbit. (Photo: Sercul.org.au)

Armadale mayor Henry Zelones said the plant, which originated from Central and South America, was commonly used in aquariums and ponds.

“It has the potential to completely choke our waterways as it can form into a dense mat of up to 2500 plants per square metre,” he said.

“Early detection and containment is essential to manage this invasive weed before it affects our native vegetation, water quality and habitat for native wildlife.

“Prevention and early detection is important to managing the Amazon Frogbit and the City is currently monitoring the infestation discovered in the Balannup drain.

“To prevent the invasive weed travelling further downstream, booms have been installed in the Balannup drainage system.”

A number of outbreaks have occurred around Perth since the initial discovery in Canning in 2013, with each infestation thought to be a result of residents inappropriately disposing of their aquarium plants into the stormwater network or local waterways.

Reports of Amazon Frogbit sightings should be emailed along with photos and location to info@armadale.wa.gov.au.