Warning on swooping magpies in Perth

Warning on swooping magpies in Perth

RESIDENTS are being warned to watch out for swooping magpies as it gets particularly bad this time of year.

Australia’s Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife has warned the next six weeks is peak time for magpie swooping.

Foundation chief executive officer Susanna Bradshaw said it could be scary being swooped by a magpie, especially for children.

“They will swoop for only about six weeks of the year,” she said.

“September is usually the peak swooping month and then they will start to calm down and you can go about your business in peace again.

“The most common targets for magpies are people riding bicycles, young children and males, although each magpie will usually have its own target.

“These birds are very intelligent and will often approach you from behind or from the direction of the sun to try catch you unawares.