WATCH: Armadale lights display features Christmas trees in the loo

Twinkle while you tinkle.
Twinkle while you tinkle.

FORGET Clarke Griswold, in Piara Waters Chris Skidmore is the King of Christmas.

For three weeks this year, he spent his time setting up an amazing lights display for his family.

While the display isn’t open to the general public, Mr Skidmore posted the video online so other people could get inspiration for their own lights.

His Christmas masterpiece features 6000 lights outside, 20,000 inside, 10 lasers and 15 trees.

There are even two mini Christmas trees in the toilet.

“I have always loved Christmas and used to do heaps of lights outside, but you don’t get to see them,” he said.

“I just wanted my kids and family to have that feeling you get from the outside lights but inside.

“So I bought a few extra trees and lights and slowly added and added.

“Every year my friends look forward to my video so this year I posted it for the public.”