Zombie fun minus horror

special edition of local run
special edition of local run

But if you can’t beat them, you may as well join them this Saturday, March 7, at the Zombie Parkrun at Gosnells’ Centennial Pioneer Park, a special edition of the regular Gosnells Parkrun organised for the Homegrown Festival.

Parkrun, a free 5km Saturday morning group run for all ability levels, has taken off over Perth, with hundreds of people joining the runs in locations including Wilson, East Perth, Heirisson Island, Joondalup, Bibra Lake, Dawesville and Averley.

The City of Gosnells will provide face-painting from 7am on Saturday to give participants’ costumes the finishing touch ” and those who don’t dress as zombies will, by default, be the victims.

There will be prizes for the best costumes and for those fast enough to escape the zombies’ clutches.

Jeremy Savage, the Gosnells Parkrun organiser, said normally the Parkrun organisation approached councils to set up new run locations, but the City of Gosnells actually made the first move two years ago. ‘It’s quite unusual,’ he said.

‘One of their workers was out for a run one morning and saw one of the other runs happening and approached to ask what it was all about, so he was instrumental in setting it all up.’

Savage does the Gosnells Parkrun each weekend with his wife and said the runs were timed so everyone could keep track of their own progress, but time was really not what Parkrun was all about. Some people took 16 minutes; some took an hour and ten.

The group waits for the last person to come in, and rewards them with a cheer.

‘It’s about the community of parkrun ‘