Apply same rules

Now that cat laws are here in WA at last, why aren’t local governments doing anything practical to set up pounds for stray cats?

I bet if I reported 11 stray dogs on my property, a council ranger would be round in a flash with traps. However, if you call your council about stray cats, you get no practical response on what to do with the damn pests. Why not?

It’s now time for all councils to set up pounds for stray cats that are trapped and perhaps issue overnight cage traps to ratepayers who have cat problems on their properties.

Employ extra staff to be cat rangers, same as they have for dog rangers. End of problem.

In addition, fine cat owners big amounts to collect their cat from the pound, just as dog owners of strays are fined. If no owner is found, then the cat has to be euthanised.

It should be the same rules for cats, as for dogs.