Area ideal for uni

Armadale has an image problem because of its demography and what I am proposing would change all of that in a very cost-effective way.

The lands of the infamous ‘?’ are either vacant lots or not being used to their full potential. These lands include the large undeveloped blocks perimeter around Green Avenue, Forrest Road and Sixth Avenue.

Armadale should donate these lands to the most ambitious university plan for building its infrastructure. The position for this new university is ideal because Armadale train station is across the road for students to use and beyond there are shopping centres.

The benefits to the area would be outstanding because foreign students would want to come to the area with income to spend. The old and dilapidated 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s rental housing would be demolished to make way for high-density student accommodation.

This would generate an increase of council rates income, as well as improve Armadale standing with the wider city community because the increased demand for housing would drive the undesirable elements out of the growing and resurrected community.

I support my proposition with two previous examples: Curtin University in Bentley and Edith Cowan University in Joondalup. These two campuses led to the areas’ gentrifying with new, better people and facilities.

Not to take this opportunity for Armadale would be foolish.