Armadale road has need first

PERHAPS instead of fighting for extra lanes on Ranford Road, which is already a dual carriageway road, Mr Peter Abetz should consider fighting to upgrade Armadale Road between the roundabout at the intersection with Anstey Road and Weld Street to Fraser Road to dual carriageway.

Recently a very small section of Armadale Road for about 500 metres past Fraser Road was made into dual carriageway and got a set of traffic lights into a subdivision that has only just started being built, then reverts to single carriageway for about another 500 metres. Why?

One can only presume this was done by the developers but it causes a lot of chaos.

Armadale Road is as busy as, if not busier than, Ranford Road as anyone who travels on it can attest.

We have Piara Waters with egress to Armadale Road, a new Holland Park suburb advertised next to it and now the Calleya suburb being built… all that means even more traffic on Armadale Road.

So, let us forget causing more chaos on Ranford Road with roadworks and give the people of the City of Armadale a smoother journey on Armadale Road.