Aussie kids behaving badly

Most appointments are from 1.30 to 4pm but at times I don’t get out until 6pm.

This is a weekly train ride for me and at 77 not a good experience, having been accosted for money at Armadale station.

These are my observations over three months of train travel.

Only women give up their seats for old women and people on crutches.

Men do not even see a woman standing.

The children who ride with parents during the school holidays run up and down the carriages, jump all over the seats, swing on the bars while yelling and screaming with great joy. The parents are oblivious to their bad behaviour.

However, this does not seem to apply to Asian or Indian children. They sit quietly, talk among themselves and behave in a nice manner in public.

One day a teenaged girl ran up the carriage, flung herself out of the door when the train stopped and flew along the platform to another door just in time to make it before the train moved on.

This happened for three stations and I sat wishing she would not make it and would end up stranded on the platform while her cheering mates continued on their trip.

Reflecting on this now as I don’t have to go up to RPH anymore, I do wonder why Aussie youngsters can’t anymore be trained to act nicely in public and why men are so awful.