Be prepared

SUMMER is about to start, bringing with it the increased risk of a natural disaster.

Lives will be turned upside down, homes damaged, the things we hold precious destroyed and people pushed into financial crisis.

We are calling on all Australians to get prepared. It is not complicated, it is about four things: knowing the local risks, knowing your community, making a plan and having an emergency kit.

In addition, it is about developing a mindset that will help you deal with the emotional and psychological impact of a disaster.

Recovery can take years, but people who have prepared are more likely to get their lives back on track faster, with less stress and anxiety.

A key part of that is a plan to protect those irreplaceable things that matter most to you, that shape who you are � that 80s’ vinyl collection, your child’s teddy bear, your high school diary.

Take practical steps today to protect those things that are precious to you. There are many free resources on the Red Cross website to help you get ready and make a plan at

Share the resources with family and friends and make sure they are prepared too.


executive director,

WA Australian Red Cross.