Bleak future for WA

Here we have a state rich in mineral wealth, but its citizens face a bleak future, the direct result of one man ” the Premier’s drive to emblazon his name in the annals of WA’s history.

We lost our AAA rating and he demands that the Commonwealth raise the GST so he can recoup part of the billions of dollars he has blown.

He now wants to sell the farm that isn’t his in the first place ” it belongs to the people, we paid for it, we maintain it with the money we pay and it raises revenue.

But what is worse, his Cabinet aided him, so they have to bear part of the blame.

Mark my words, the cost of utilities ” electricity, water and gas ” will skyrocket; car rego, driver’s licences will go through the roof; speeding fines will climb out of sight and they will cut services to the bone.

Any businessman knows to spend only what they can pay back, but our Government has no such restraint as they can raid the public every time they get into trouble.