Bus Troubles

IN response to Lyndell Edelsten’s comment in the March 8 edition about journeys on public transport, on Saturday afternoon, March 5, my elderly friend and I waited, stranded at Thornlie station for 40 minutes, after being dropped off a 930 bus from Carousel.

On Friday, March 10, I had another 30-minute wait for the 210 bus to get me home to Gosnells.

Aged people like us, mothers with babies and children, plus school students, do not need to be waiting at a station. They simply want to go home… quickly.

There appears to be plenty of 930 buses going off to Elizabeth Quay virtually empty.

The timetables are also not very clear and the bus drivers do not appear to be happy about the changes either.

I hope Labor leader Mark McGowan and his colleagues will see sense and revert to the old 210 and 211 timetables quickly because this 930 bus and the waiting time is ridiculous… to say the least.