Cat owners

Over the years, I have had to put up with cats coming on my property using it as their toilet, spraying their scent to leave their mark and faeces in the garden I accidently touch when weeding, not to mention the mating that goes on in the middle of the night.

I also have to be diligent watching the wildlife in my yard that I encourage.

Recently we had the pleasure of watching a pair of willie wagtails building a nest and laying three eggs.

We watched with anticipation for the babies to emerge, which they did.

A few days ago, I had to shoo a large, grey fluffy cat from my yard and have been so anxious for these little birds. The nest was not high in a tree and they were so young.

We saw them late Sunday afternoon and they were fine. On Wednesday night, my husband went to see them.

To our shock and horror, the nest was destroyed, ripped to shreds and the birds eaten.

We were heartbroken; they never had a chance.

Even though these new laws have been introduced, it does nothing to curb the arrogance of these cat owners who think they can let their cats go to other people’s houses and cause havoc, not only to the wildlife but also to our gardens and health.

I am going to warn people now I am getting a cat trap and when I catch one it will be taken to the appropriate authorities.