New cats laws in Armadale will not impact current pets

I REALLY empathised with the person who felt distressed about the prospect of having to give up their pet cats (Owner fears for pet cats, Comment News, September 8).

A quick look at the City of Armadale website enabled me to find the proposed cat laws.

They are on pages 17-22 of the council agenda. To reassure the owner that their cats are safe, the following provision is in there:

“Should this local law be introduced council needs to be aware that it will not apply to cats currently owned and registered. However, in relation to the number of cats, an owner will not be able to replace a cat if it is sold, given away or dies, until they are down to the required number”.

Therefore, present pets are safe and the owner can relax and enjoy the company of their cats.

S. BELLHOUSE, Armadale.