Difficult decision

MY congratulations to the Armadale Seniors and the Dale Golf Club for a wonderful get-together on September 3 to play golf at Armadale Golf Course, enjoy morning tea and meet Armadale City councillors.

Councillors Geunter Best and Jeff Munn and Mayor Henry Zelones attended and a number of other councillors sent their apologies. The morning gave the golfers an opportunity to discuss the future of the golf course.

The calling of tenders for the management of the course is completed. The three companies that have tendered for the course management all have vast experience in golf course maintenance and management and the City of Armadale decision will be difficult.

It is anticipated that the decision on the course will not be made until November. It is of great importance to the clubs that use the course and planning fixtures for 2016 is at best uncertain and creating much speculation in the clubs.

KEITH CHAPMAN, president,

Dale Golf Club.