Kelmscott resident suggests the unique architectural features of Armadale Hall be ratained

IT was good to hear that Armadale Hall was having its first significant upgrade since 1936, but rather depressing to read that the beautiful and historic mezzanine gallery and staircase were going to be removed.

Surely, the specialist heritage architects will be keen to preserve the original staircase and gallery.

These features make the lovely hall unique and interesting to the visitor and to the many social groups that call the hall home.

In fact, by renovating and restoring the gallery, this would provide another useful and interesting space for different groups and societies to use.

Moreover, if we want more hall space for social functions, how about using the block of land on Third Avenue.

It is waiting for development.

Instead of demolishing the church on the site, it would make a very creative and interesting hall or lesser hall. Moreover, there would be plenty of space for parking.

Let us do things differently in Armadale. We have a unique city centre. We have pleasant and varied shopping centres.

We also now have a tasteful office block, beautiful trees, birds, parks and a lake.

Let us try to hang on to the last few historic buildings we have.

Take away people’s beloved buildings and green spaces and we are left with a very empty society indeed.

HELEN DANN, Kelmscott.