Road ‘Ownership’ Driving Disorder

THE shocking road rage incident on the Kwinana Freeway highlights a problem in WA driving that is either unrecognised or ignored by road safety experts and police alike.

It is an issue that is commented upon by many drivers experienced to European roads – where giving a signal well in advance of changing lanes on a freeway will see the other drivers easing up sufficiently to allow one space to move.

There is an attitude prevalent in WA that a driver has territorial rights to the road immediately in front of their vehicle, and woe betide anyone attempting to get in there. Giving notice often sees the driver in the next lane speeding up to prevent you moving in.

Addressing that attitude of aggressive “road ownership” through road safety campaigns, driving schools, even roadside signage, might just go some way to curing what is a basic disorder in our driving style, rather than continually introducing more and more rules that simply address the symptoms.


Secret Harbour.