Elect mayors, Gosnells. Opinion

AGAIN, we see a recycled mayor for the City of Gosnells elected by her fellow councillors having previously worn the mayoral robes three times and now for a fourth time.

It is reported that the “new” mayor has indicated that she, after wards were discarded in 2009, is to look at whether wards are a possibility.

They were prior to 2009, so why does the council need to look at the need for them after disastrously abandoning them in 2009.

They are a necessity so that ratepayers have a “local” councillor looking after their interests on council.

I also have another suggestion she may well consider contemplating – direct election of the mayor by the City electors.

That would be a far more democratic process than just 11 of her peers making the decision without the 11 councillors knowing the wishes of the ratepayers as to who they consider, through the ballot box, is a suitable candidate to lead the City into the future.

If it is good enough for surrounding councils (Canning and Victoria Park for example) to have directly elected mayors then it should be good enough for the City of Gosnells, and for that matter the City of Armadale as well, to have mayoral elections every two years.

That would keep the mayors on their toes if the prospect of electoral oblivion was able to visit them on a regular basis via the ratepayers/electors.

Further, if there was direct election of the mayor there may be an injection of fresh blood into the City rather than the revolving mayoral door.

Our elected representatives, who we are now paying dearly for, need to be the best available to receive value for money for the “sitting fees” we pay councillors through our rates, which have been escalating well above the rate of inflation for many years.

KEN ASHWIN, Forest Lake.