End the Denny Ave shemozzle

End the Denny Ave shemozzle

THE mention of the words Denny Avenue sometimes leads to a little eye rolling (Denny upgrade is hot topic, Comment News, June 28).

However, this is generally eradicated by taking the eye roller to the area to view it at first hand.

On driving through the congestion not too long ago, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott described it as a shemozzle, which is a polite translation of the local idiom.

Local State representative Dr Tony Buti and the late Don Randall have long pushed for a major upgrade. It was also used as a photo opportunity for the State Transport Minister and others in the recent Canning bi-election.

Nothing was done.

Seeing is believing, people. Please do not leave this section of the new Burt electorate being forced to agree with Tony Abbott for too much longer.