Feeling unsafe after repeat car break-ins at school. Opinion

MY car has been broken into twice in four months, both times at our primary school in Orange Grove.

There have been similar incidences at other local primary schools and it is most likely the same people are responsible, the police said.

These lowlifes are preying on mothers dropping their children at school and hoping we are too busy to bring our handbags with us.

They caught me out the first time but not the second.

The first incident left us nearly $1500 out of pocket, including us having to have all our locks changed.

This second time they only got a bag full of work papers. However, I was left not being able to go to work thereby losing five hours’ pay, cleaning up broken glass all through the car, the inconvenience of having no car until the window could be replaced at a cost of $350 and the interior damaged with gouges in the dash and door trim.

So what am I to do now, wait in my car in the school carpark rather than pick up and drop off my children?

These people have made us feel unsafe in a place where we should.