Fire risk high

Are councils being strict enough on clearing? Native trees and shrubs are particularly explosive and connected with idiots who throw cigarette butts out of car windows.

These are accidents waiting to happen every day.

These days, after previous experience with suburban fires, residents must only plant fire-resistant trees and shrubs.

In the case of “greenies” who are only worried about bird life, they should learn that our native honeyeaters and other species enjoy grazing on aphids and insects on roses and hibiscus rather than limb-shedding old eucalypts.

In addition, a warning: Hot, still days are times never to park under a gum tree. Limbs dry out from the core and can snap in a second, like a stick of cheese, and drop, and they often do, particularly old river gums.

What we really need is for residents to plant some fire-resistant, colourful trees and shrubs in parks and verges throughout the city.