Flyer furphy

THE proposed high-density development along the east side of the Canning River on Clifton Street in Kelmscott is a great proposal and I support it.

A flyer with no name or contact possibilities has been dropped off anonymously in my letterbox. It is full of silly lies about the development.

Armadale council has already given us information about a proposed development of some high-density dwellings and a lovely river walk along the east side of the Canning River in Clifton Street.

I am delighted to see at last that this side of the river in Kelmscott is being made more accessible to the public. A proposal to improve the river foreshore for the public to use is good.

I have been involved in some help getting rid of toxic weeds and planting native plants on the western side of the river in the Kelmscott area. A lot of good work is going on trying to reclaim our damaged river and I can now see this work being continued along the east side of the river.

Maybe the owners of large properties on this side that go right down to the river’s edge will soon have to let public have access to this part of the river walk.

I am wondering if whoever placed the anonymous flyer has a large, expensive property that is backing on to the river in Clifton Street, with pumping rights for water from our already-stressed river.

I think such pumping rights are an insult to the environment and they should be revoked.

I also wonder if the mean-spirited opposition to letting ordinary low-income families enjoy living near the river is coming from privileged landowners who do not want to share the eastern side of the river with others.

Maybe I am wrong here, but let us see.

I think the flyer placed in my letterbox is just a furphy trying to protect the privileges of a minority who do not want to share.

Moreover, my letterbox has a “No Junk Mail” sign on it.