Food for Thought

TYPICALLY, celebrations here in Australia involve sitting or standing around, guzzling our way through a variety of deep-fried/fatty/high sugar/high-salt foods. Washed down with a few (too many?) alcoholic or sugary soft drinks.

With so many adults being overweight, our usual way of celebrating is rather wrong I think.

It may taste good at the time, but is the short-term gain of eating all this food, worth being overweight; not to mention the increased risk of a life-long sentence of diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease.

Each time and every day, you make a positive dietary decision. It makes a difference.

Consequently, I encourage us all to do ourselves a kind turn. Use a smaller plate, take the smallest serve, and when you are feeling full – stop eating.

Take your family and friends for a walk, or start a game with the children outside. Try it; I reckon you will feel pretty good about yourselves.

NICOLE INGRAM, nutritionist,