Full of praise

DURING this Festive Season, I would like to shower praise on all those who are helping to make it a pleasurable experience for everyone.

From the helpful and smiling cashiers at the supermarkets, to the floor cleaners at the malls, the paramedics, tradesmen on call at short notice, the ever-vigilant police, the postmen, those who come to clean out our bins without fail, the dedicated carers who are there 24/7 and the teachers who have worked so hard all year.

The list goes on and on.

You are the ones who make our economy the success that it is.

In my opinion, you are the very salt of the earth, and should be remunerated to the standard that you certainly deserve to be.

I also urge the many young people intent on drinking and partying rather to offer some volunteer work to the many places that would be only too pleased to accept it.

It only needs some creative thinking to replace some of their boredom into some worthwhile activity.

This would make them feel much better about themselves.

ROSA LARSEN, Riverton.