Heed small shops

CONGRATULATIONS Community Newspapers Group for highlighting the importance of small retailers to the community and the WA economy with the editorial headlined “Give ‘little guys’ your business”.

The State Government’s push for 7am opening on weekdays and 6pm closing on Saturdays certainly is not what small business is asking for.

It is about time government at all levels listened to what small business wants and not just cave into the two large supermarket and hardware stores on every occasion.

With WA’s unemployment rate at a 13-year high we would expect the State Government to acknowledge that the increase in jobs in the retail sector are all being generated by small business.

Retail is now the largest jobs sector in WA having recently overtaken the health sector. If we want more jobs in retail then small business is where they will come from, not the chains.

It does seem strange to be promoting November as the Shop Small month while the State Government is giving big business all that it asks for so it can gain every opportunity to smash small shops.

JOHN CUMMINGS, president,

WA Independent Grocers

Association Inc.