Helper abused

I was travelling down Westfield Road, Camillo on Thursday morning around 8.45am, when I witnessed an elderly woman on her shopper scooter shoot across the main road without taking note of any traffic around her.

She was on her mobile phone and plainly did not have control of the scooter. The scooter shot over the verge once she got to the other side of the road and banged into a fence; tilting over and throwing the woman off her scooter.

I turned my car round and went to help her; all the time she was speaking on her phone and when I asked if she was all right she said she had hurt her leg.

I told her I had witnessed the whole thing and that she was driving too fast and on her mobile, which was illegal to use when in control of a vehicle on the road. The woman then started to abuse me.

I asked her if she wanted some help, which she ignored, so I had to ask her to put her phone down until we got the scooter upright again.

All the time this woman was rude and as soon as we got the scooter back on the pavement, she jumped back on and continued to use her phone.

As I walked away, I said to her that a ‘thank you’ would have been nice; to which she replied she was late for her train.

We younger ones are often criticised for not helping seniors, and is it any wonder when someone like this woman is downright rude.

I try to help anyone if in need and indeed have elderly parents, one of whom also has a shopper scooter but at least he knows the rules of the road and always takes care in shopping centres.

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