Here’s hoping

OVER the past few weeks the bus stops along Armadale Road between Seventh Road and the new Haynes shopping centre have had concrete laid so passengers don’t have to wait standing in the dirt.

As I watched the work being done I wondered why they didn’t put in bus bays as well. The speed limit there is 80km/h and, I thought, this will lead to accidents.

Well, I didn’t have to wait too long.

A very loud bang this dinner time drew me to the scene of a serious crash where a woman in a 4WD had run into the back of a bus, trapping her inside and needing the fire brigade to cut her out. There had been no squeal of brakes.

Taking into account the rail crossing, the new Abbey Road and Seville Drive traffic lights, plus the increasing traffic from the Sienna Woods development, the speed limit on Armadale Road from the South West Highway-Albany Highway intersection to past the Twelfth Road roundabout should be 60km/h.

I live in hope’