Honesty rewarded

I was so upset that when I spoke to my husband soon after hearing of the story I said how upset I was about what had happened to society these days.

I don’t know if it was youth that did this, but more and more on the news you hear about the youth of today being out of control.

About two hours later I had to go to Beckenham IGA, bought items and lined up to pay. There was a man in front of me being served, then a young boy and I was next.

This young boy’s friend was waiting for him at the end of the counter and found $20 on the floor. He immediately handed it to the cashier.

The other boy was surprised and asked his friend what he would have done if he had found money out in the street. In reply, his friend said he would still hand it in.

The man paid for his purchases and from his change gave the boy a $5 reward for his honesty and then walked away.

I told the young boy that that was what you get for being so honest.

When I left the store the two boys were near the disabled parking spot where I park.

I had also kept a $5 note in my hand and walked over and gave it to the boy and also praised him for his honesty.

I asked his name and he said Ashley Taylor (I think he said Taylor). So Ashley, you are a little hero in my book and restored my faith in the young of today.

I was so proud of you and if your parents are reading this they should be proud of their little boy. They have bought him up to be a good, honest citizen.