Hospital’s no smoking signs ignored

ANYONE who doubts that smoking cigarettes destroys brain cells just needs to go to Armadale Hospital (a clearly signposted ‘Smoke Free Environment”) to see smokers (often with small children nearby) calmly smoking by “No Smoking” signs near the main entrance, or while sitting on seats, (presumably provided for the use of recuperating patients), which also have clear “No Smoking” signs behind them.

The evidence they leave (discarded cigarette butts) will remain a testament to their disregard for the comfort and health of others (including their own children) and to the environment, long after they are dead.

Yes, they have a right to their selfish habit if they choose to ignore the warnings about pursuing it, but they do not have the right to do so where non-smokers (especially recovering patients) are subject to the stink, and danger of passive smoking, and they certainly do not have the right to pollute the environment with their butts.

The real obscenity is that they are doing so close to a building filled with dedicated, selfless people.