Idea rejected

SINCE February, I have failed to convince the cities of Canning and Gosnells that street name signposts should be put at the centre of a roundabout and not on the road verge.

It will be safer and visible a long way away and the motorists will be able to read and make a safe and confident turn to navigate in suburban streets.

The practice of growing a big tree at the centre not only blocks the view ahead but also hides the signpost from at least one, if not more, approaching roads.

I asked the same question at the July 9 council meeting at Gosnells Civic Centre. It was rejected because the signpost does not fit into the City’s specifications for landscaping; although in my earlier correspondence I have appreciated the low-level shrubbery used to landscape roundabouts.

Surprisingly, none of the councillors took any interest in my question.

I hope readers may take notice of my simple proposal and write their views. Perhaps that could force the local authorities to change their minds for the better to guide traffic.

Zora Gill, Canning Vale