Implications evil

THE letter headlined �Death to dealers� in the April 28 edition was spot on.

Over the past 60 or so years, I have seen reams and reams of propaganda condemning capital punishment, ostensibly because it apparently has no deterrent effect.

At the same time there has been a concomitant media blitz designed to engender sympathy for violent criminals, as well as a dedicated effort to undermine sympathy for victims of violent crime.

The first proposition can be shown to be a lot of tommyrot that, generally, seems to emanate from our most high profile and erudite criminal defence lawyers and the second is nothing, if not plain immoral.

Eliminating the death penalty altogether has no immediate effect. It is only after the generations that had grown up with it have died and been replaced by new generations grown up sans the death penalty that the full consequence of its abandonment will be felt.

This is still a �work in progress� � fortunately, I’ll be gone before all the resultant evil implications are fully realised.

They say that we are now too enlightened [and civilised] to contemplate the meting out of capital punishment.

Well, if that were truly the case then there would never be anyone so unenlightened [or uncivilised] as to commit an offence that would warrant such a penalty � would there?

TOM EDMANDS, Gosnells.