Keep cats confined

People are getting sick and tired of cats causing havoc amongst those who have bird aviaries or have bird life coming to their gardens. Cats do not need to be outside.

To Andrea Raddatz, of Mt Richon, let me say keeping cats indoors only at night does not stop the carnage that they cause during the day. They will hunt, chase and kill any wildlife whether at day or night and as your comment in regards to training them to come home every night for feeding, where do you think they go before then?

Not all cats may wander, but most do.

Cats should be kept indoors or otherwise in a cat enclosure where they can still enjoy the outside but cannot cause any mayhem to our wildlife, neighbours or are run over by cars.

We get numerous wildlife brought to the Armadale Reptile and Wildlife Centre that have been injured or attacked by cats, and by dogs, I might add. Dogs also need to be properly trained to leave our wildlife alone.

Before anyone writes to tell me I am a cat hater, let me say this, I do love cats (over the years we have given a home to a number of strays and all were kept inside) and all other creatures.

I am sick and tired of all the excuses that some pet owners hide behind and will not acknowledge that cats do injure or kill innocent wildlife. To protect your pets from being run over, trapped, poisoned or bitten by venomous snakes keep them confined to the house or cat run’