Kind Gesture

ON Thursday, February 11, something very special happened to me.

My son came to pick me up from my nursing home in Byford so that I could go and buy sandals I longed for.

We went to Spend-Less Shoes in Armadale. I chose a lovely pair that I was told were $19 (my budget was no more than $20).

However, at the counter I was told the price was $39.99. Naturally, I was very disappointed and I was about to leave when a very kind woman with two girls at her side told the shop assistant that she would pay for the sandals.

I was stunned and tried to say no, but she insisted.

I wish I had thanked her even more thoroughly and given her a hug.

If that woman reads this letter and recognises herself, I thank her so much and may God bless her for her kind deed.