Law of nature

This is the law of nature; this is what they are supposed to do. Consequently, there is no difference in the act of a feral cat devouring a bird, a dingo mauling a lamb or the act of other predators.

What puzzles me is why the eco-warriors have selected the man-eating shark as the symbol for their environmental policies. Apart from keeping people from our beautiful beaches to enjoy swimming, water sport and relaxing, the proposed ‘green’ policies typically are directed against the human interest.

Man is no longer regarded as the master and manager of the universe but merely one of the animal species.

I found the hysteria of the protesters against shark culling rather disappointing. It included threats of violence against government works and spoilt the good name of Australia overseas.

The eco-zealots who descended on the beaches with conscripted children and clamoured ‘Great whites have rights’ did not represent the voice or interest of the silent majority.