Little to envy

Who would envy the sight of all the disgusting rubbish in front of every home for weeks on end, made worse by the scavengers, wind and rain?

The problem lies with the contactors assigned to pick it all up. They do not have enough trucks or personnel to cover the job.

When the first pamphlets are sent out to the first area everyone else says ‘oh good, the junk pick up is about to start. I’ll get my junk out’. It is there before they have received their notification and the first collection has not started.

After pointing this out to council, I was told those people could be made to take it all back in until their notice arrived or they would be fined. Who has ever had to do that? It’s a joke.

As for this system working for a decade, according to Mr Tame: I’ve yet to see that and I’ve been living in Armadale for 22 years. Get rid of the program altogether.

No wonder we are thought of as Bogans in a low-income area. That perception will never change if visitors see the look of slums everywhere.