Masses entertained

However, I think it does not tell the full story.

From time immemorial, the ruling classes have realised that entertainment is the ‘opiate of the people’. Keep the masses entertained and they will not become too restless.

In times past they staged gladiatorial contests, fed Christians to the lions, staged public executions and so forth to keep the masses otherwise occupied and thus from revolting.

Today, we do not go quite this far, but the motives are still the same when governments spend billions of dollars on what is, in truth, simply entertainment on a grand scale by professional entertainers.

Footy, for example, is a very lucrative business for clubs and players alike.

What other business undertaking can boast massive government subsidisation while, at the same time, being exempt from following safety practises for their workers?

Therefore, Roger, don’t hold your breath; governments will always spend your money on gladiatorial sport to ‘keep the masses subdued’.