Gosnells Mayor. Opinion

WRITER Ken Ashwin in last week’s edition describes our mayor as a “recycled mayor”, which is a very unkind description of a hard-working councillor and JP, who voted with several other councillors against the remuneration of councillors.

That action alone has shown the true spirit of a volunteer who works solely for the community.

The fact that Cr Olwen Searle has been elected several times before by her peers proves experience counts and at the last public meeting, she has shown that as a former teacher she can also handle unruly ratepayers with humour.

It needs a lot of experience as mayor to conduct council meetings and I doubt Mr Ashwin’s suggestion to bring in unknown outsiders as “new mayors” would be a good idea.

Wards may not be such an important item because ratepayers will vote for local councillors living in their area, who are familiar with the problems in the area.

It is Mr Ashwin’s and every other ratepayer’s privilege to vote for or against particular councillors, including the mayor.

DOMINIC WILD, Orange Grove.