Messy smell

I saw numerous dog owners walking their dogs along the clay path. It was lovely.

However, I then noticed a peculiar smell all along this access path; yes, you guessed it, the whole path smelled of dog faeces.

Irresponsible dog owners who give man’s best friend their daily exercise may take the council-provided yellow poop bags with them, but when Fido wants to do his business and yes, it’s a sloppy mess, guess what; yuk, no one is watching, I’ll leave that lot alone.

Dog owners, it is your responsibility to pick up your dog’s faeces no matter how disgusting it looks.

Possibly council rangers should patrol these known dog paths more regularly and issue infringements to irresponsible dog owners.

Owners, be responsible and clean up after Fido or stay home and let the stench stay in your back yard.