No to NAPLAN testing

National testing applies a ‘broad brush’ approach to reviewing education across Australia, but it provides no benefit for an individual child.

Teachers know if each child is meeting the standard, so why waste time and money doing national testing?

Testing could be used to assist those students who need it most, but that’s not what happens.

Teachers are taken to task if students don’t meet the national standard.

There is no assessing why a student might not do well ” is English a second language, are there health issues, economic or social disadvantage?

Schools that do well in NAPLAN are given extra resources ” what a great motivation for the less able students to have the day off, as is often reported to happen in the private school sector.

My child will most likely graduate from high school achieving the standard and the greatest influences on his success are his economic and social advantages.

I hope other parents think long and hard about the value of NAPLAN.